Sunday, September 5, 2010

The New Law About DUI Ignition Interlock Requirement

Last year the California Legislature came up with a bright idea to force first time DUI offenders with no other record to install a device in every car they own that would block any attempt to start the vehicle without a blow from a human that has no alcohol in their breath. The pilot programs in Los Angeles, Tulare and Kings County would be part of DUI probation and would remain on the car for a minimum of three months. According to one Burbank DUI Lawyer , the new law is a complete waste of money and an undue hardship for most first offenders. "The new law only benefits the companies that install the devices" there is little deterrent effect in the implementation of the program and the Courts will be overwhelmed in an already tight budget crisis. Some believe that the new law should be looked at again and repealed. What are your thought?

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