Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ruminations From "Captain Motion"

The following is an excerpt from the famous "Captain Motion" the DUI motion King in California DUI Defense, taken from a seminar he recently attended:  "One of the biggest problems facing those doing constitutional defense for people accused of drunk driving is that drunk driving has long been, and is increasingly, a political crime. It is no secret that MADD, SADD, and other Prohibitionist political action groups, forgetting apparently that the 18th Amendment was repealed, elevating symbolic victimization to an art form, have bulldozed their way into legislative and judicial precincts so effectively that their governmental
patrons low-crawl around and pander to their extortion to keep them from demonstrating outside legislative chambers and courthouses. And those groups’ political terrorism has effectively engrafted drunk driving exceptions to the Constitution, and to common sense, onto our juro- political landscape such that “deuces” are harder for the defense effectively to litigate than are murders."

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