Sunday, February 12, 2012

California Fills In The Gap For Second Offense Wet Reckless

Thank goodness the legislature finally changed the law regarding second offender wet reckless convictions.  Prior to 2012, anyone convicted of a second offense DUI could get a restricted license for work after 90 days.  However, if the offense was reduced to a wet reckless the offender had no such option and had to wait a full year.  Finally, the lawmakers realized the injustice and inequity of the law and made the appropriate amendments.  The frustration of many attorneys was off the charts and no remedy was available other than to go back to Court and plead guilty to a full DUI.  It took the state a full year to rectify the laws and fix the inherent problem. How a law can become so convoluted and unfair is yet another sign of how Sacramento always leans towards greater punishment rather than leniency and fairness.

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