Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To get a Free Consultation or Second Opinion on a California DUI

Information is king, and when it comes to a pending legal matter it can be a lifesaver.  But where does one go to get vital info and advice for such matters as criminal cases and DUI arrests?  The best resource for a consultation is the Internet.  There are a number of attorneys that have listings on this site for example and each one of them will grant you a free consultation about you matter if you request it.

What about a second opinion on a drunk driving case?  Well, most lawyers will agree to review your case and offer their advice on possible approaches and potential defenses.  It is well understood that California DUI Laws are complex and it is unreasonable to think that every attorney will understand all the nuances of the various penalties and consequences.  Therefore, it may behoove you to get a second opinion or even a third since the ramifications of a CA driving under the influence conviction are very long lasting.

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