Saturday, September 8, 2012

What is The Best Way To Clear a Warrant For A DUI?

Many good people pick up a drunk driving case and just never show up to Court.  There are a variety of legitimate reasons for the failure to appear: Illness, school, a job, too busy, lost their license, you name it.  The best way to straighten out a FTA for a DUI is to hire an attorney who can clear the old case and possible even get the charges dropped, many times without the defendant ever having to appear in Court.  A DUI warrant will hold up your drivers license, it will get you arrested and can prevent student aid such as grants and loans.  Dealing with it in the here and know is the best way to give you peace of mind says one Glendale DUI Attorney.  The law states that a bench warrant for a DWI will never disappear and can lead to bigger problems such as jail time and incarceration.  Getting a case resolved can be painless if you get a lawyer involved from an early start.  Do not let worry, anxiety and stress dominate your life, deal with the problem now and get the case over with and done.

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