Monday, December 3, 2012

Do DUI Laws Favor The Wealthy?

Is it possible that the law actually favors those who can best afford fines, lawyers and the expense involved in defending a long drawn out battle in the Courts?  One authority says yes.  California makes it difficult for a person to win a DUI unless they fight the charges, and one recent study seems to suggest that those who can pay the fees to an attorney to drag the case out as long as possible might actually benefit the most.

According to one group, the odds favor those that can litigate the most, and the results are stunning.  The legal group Maxim Legit says that if you are charged  with driving under the influence and take the time and resources to hire a DUI lawyer to challenge the case in Court, the statistics suggest the outcome will be more favorable.  Indeed, the numbers point to a range of success of at least 63 percent versus only 12 of those who do not retain counsel and defend the case.  Although the numbers have not been peer reviewed nor generally accepted in the scientific community, the general consensus seems to point to a reliable result.

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