Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can a Commercial Driver Survive a Second DUI?

It used to be that a DUI for a commercial driver in California would simply result in a short suspension and a return of the drivers license after a period of one year.  This went on for decades.  Not that a 1 year suspension was a walk in the park, but it was tolerable for most drivers.  In the last decade, however, the feds stepped in and announced that any commercial driver who suffers more than one conviction for a DUI or driving with a .08 or higher would be banned for life from ever driving a big rig or other commercial vehicle.  A lifetime revocation is now in full force and effect for any driver who may ever expect to drive for a living.  California DUI laws now demand that the life bar be imposed by the CA DMV.  So, what does a driver do?  Well, the best thing is to hire a lawyer who can fight the DUI and possible negotiate a lesser cahrge such as a reckless driving.

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