Monday, July 14, 2014

Torrance DUI Schools

Torrance has the unique distinction of having more than one choice for dui classes.  If you were convicted of a DUI in California you must attend an approved DUI program that is licensed by the state and county.  How do you find a DUI school in your area?  What is the right class in order to get your license back? There are three basic types of DUI classes that are available and which one you must attend depends on the kind of case you were charged with.  First is the SB 1176 program which is 12 hours long and is required if you were convicted in Court of a wet reckless.  Second is the AB762 which is six months in duration and is generally required for first time drunk driving offenders whose blood alcohol level is above a .15 BAC.  Third is the AB541 and it is the standard program for conviction of a VC23152 a or b offense first time offender.  The first offender ab541 program is composed of 10 group meetings, 3 individual sessions or interviews, one in the beginning of the class, one in the middle and the last one in the end.  Also, the course requires 6 AA meetings to complete the state guidelines.

Lastly, is the 9 month program required for anyone with a BAC above .20, this program is called the AB1353 class.  Essentially, it is the same as the ab541 just more of it, more aa meetings, more group sessions and more one on one interviews with a counselor.

For anyone convicted of a multiple offense DUI, say a second, third or fourth offense or greater, there is the SB38 program, an 18 month DUI school that is very comprehensive in nature.

Torrance DUI classes are accepted by the Courts and the DMV for purposes of reinstatement of  driving privileges.  California does require that anyone convicted of driving under the influence enroll in and complete an approved education program or risk losing their license until the class is finished.

There are two DUI schools located in Torrance that handle DWI programs:

Driver Benefits, Inc.
Santa Fe Business Park
2370 West Carson Street, Suite 150
Torrance, CA 90501
310-320-9550 (direct)
310-320-9448 (fax)

High Gain Program NCADD Of The South Bay
1334 Post Avenue
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: (310) 328-1587
Fax: (310) 328-1964

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