Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting Enrolled In DUI Class Early

If you have been charged with DUI and are awaiting a future Court date getting enrolled in a a DUI class in advance of any disposition may be in your best interests.  Here is why:

  1. Attendance in the class will usually allow you to stay out on your "O.R." release and not have to post bail.  The Judge will almost always order AA classes as a condition of you release pending future Court appearances and getting enrolled in the classes will substitute for the AA meetings.  Getting enrolled in an alcohol education program tells the Judge that you are being responsible and showing an act of taking the case seriously. 
  2. The DMV may ultimately require you complete the program in order to get you license reinstated.  
  3. The course will often be required even if the charges of DUI are reduced or dismissed.
Therefore, getting enrolled in a DUI program is a good idea, here's how to do it:

 The attorney will provide you with a list of providers, find one convenient to your residence or work.  When you show up for the appointment advise them you wish to "self enroll" in the AB541 program at a minimum.  You may be required to complete a longer term program depending on the Court orders but the AB541 is a good start, ensure the school will allow you to switch to a 6 or 9 month class should it become necessary.  Let the school know in advance that you do not have a Court referral or any paperwork because you have not been convicted but you want to self enroll for DMV purposes.

Once you get enrolled in the DUI school ask them for an enrollment certificate or a copy of the DL107 that they send to the DMV.  This is an official document that the attorney needs to present to the Court to show you are in fact attending and participating in the program.

For a list of DUI schools click here: List of California DUI Schools

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