Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Follow Up After A Court Resolution Of Your DUI Case

The purpose of this article is to go over important information about the resolution of your case in Court.  It is important to understand that although I am available to answer any questions and offer guidance to you, I will be closing the file on your case.  To put it bluntly, even though I was your lawyer I cannot act as a babysitter and hover over you to be sure you complete the important terms of your probation and any Court orders.  Here is a step by step guide to make sure you do everything you are supposed to in order to avoid any violations of your informal probation.

1.  Read over the paperwork you were given to understand your due dates for any fines or Court fees. You MUST have the full amount paid by that due date or a warrant will issue for your arrest.  In the event you cannot pay the fine due to financial hardship you must contact the Court directly by going into the clerk's office and either asking for community service or an extension.  You cannot wait until the last minute to do this, if you foresee a problem complying with the due date go in early and work out a plan with the Court.

2.  Unless you have already gotten enrolled in the DUI school prior to the Court date, get enrolled in the program immediately.  If you wait and do not enroll within 21 days of the plea you will be turned away and be required to go back to Court by yourself and get a re-referral.  If this happens you risk having a warrant issued for your arrest and possibly violating your probation.

3.  Make sure you immediately contact the community service centre if you were ordered to perform community labor as part of the plea.

4.  If you were ordered to attend MADD classes or HAM ( Hospital and Morgue) program contact the    Program immediately because there is often a long waiting list and you risk not having time to complete these classes by the due date

5.  As far as your drivers license is concerned you will often be required to file proof of enrollment and proof of SR 22 with the DMV.  In addition, get started now on installing an ignition interlock (IID).  You will get a letter from the DMV soon that will say your license is suspended unless you comply with these requirements.

In conclusion, be sure to stay on top of your deadlines and due dates.  As we discussed, I can often get the case dismissed and expunged if you satisfy the terms of your probation.  However, if you fail to comply with the Court orders this may not be possible.

Lastly, I do not keep a copy of your Court paperwork so if you lose it or misplace it you will need to travel to the courthouse and go to the clerks office to get a copy.

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