Sunday, December 27, 2015

I Want To Hire An Attorney For My DUI But Do Not Have The Retainer, What Can I Do?

Fighting a DUI takes skill and expertise, that is why most folks decide to hire a lawyer to help them.  The problem is many people do not have the full amount of the retainer to hire a Law Firm, what can be done?

Many people do not know that they have a Constitutional right to hire the attorney of their own choosing if it can be done with reasonable probability.  In other words, you do not have to be stuck with a public defender if you have the means to hire private counsel.  Here is a step by step process on what you should do:

First, consult with the attorney you wish to hire.  Get the facts about what the cost will be and how payment can be made.

Second, figure out how you can make the payments and what must be done to get the necessary funds to hire the lawyer for your DUI case.

Third, on your Court date ask the Judge for time to hire private counsel.  This is your right and the Judge must allow a reasonable period of time for a person to hire their attorney of choice.  Be sure to have the details ready if the Judge asks how you intend to accomplish the engagement.  Give the Judge a specific name of a lawyer if he asks and be ready to tell the Court how much time you need and why.  Most Judges will allow a 30-45 day continuance if you appear to be sincere about your efforts to hire private counsel.

Once you obtain the continuance contact the prospective Law Firm and advise them of the new Court date and set an appointment to come in and retain the attorney when you have secured the necessary funds.

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