Thursday, December 8, 2016

Getting Enrolled In Torrance DUI Classes Early

Sometimes it is wise to get enrolled early in a dui class, before you go to Court.  One of the best DUI classes in Torrance is Driver Benefits which is owned by Bill Wickline.  Contact Bill and tell him you want to enroll in the AB541 class but you have not been to Court yet.

Driver Benefits, Inc. is located @ Santa Fe Business Park • 2370 West Carson Street, Suite 150 • Torrance, CA 90501 • 310-320-9550 (direct) • 310-320-9448 (fax) •

When you show up for the appointment advise them you wish to "self enroll" in the AB541 program at a minimum.  You may be required to complete a longer term program depending on the Court orders but the AB541 is a good start, ensure the school will allow you to switch to a 6 or 9 month class should it become necessary.  Let the school know in advance that you do not have a Court referral or any paperwork because you have not been convicted but you want to self enroll for DMV purposes.

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