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Arrested For DUI or Criminal Charge on Catalina Island?

Top DUI Attorney on Catalina Island 
In search of a criminal defense attorney that can fight charges brought against you on Catalina Island?  Matthew Ruff can help.  Matt has over 25 years experience fighting all types of criminal charges in California.  Matt is a Top Rated Nationally Recognized Lawyer with unparalleled skills and local connections to ensure you get the best results in your case.  The Court in Avalon is part of the Los Angeles Superior Court System and typically only hears cases every other Friday.  If you were released on the Island and given a date to appear in the future to answer to allegations of Public Intoxication, DUI, Theft, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession or any other misdemeanor or Felony charges call Matt for a free case review and assessment of your options and legal defenses.

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Catalina Island DUI on Golf Cart in Avalon

Arrested on Catalina Island?  You Need the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can appear for you and fight the charges.  As COVID restrictions ease many people are resuming travel to the island and blowing off some steam having been cooped up for a year or more.  When your vacation results in an unexpected arrest you need an advocate to defend your rights, keep your record clean and save your license.  Criminal Lawyer Matthew Ruff has defended dozens of cases on Catalina ranging from public intoxication, DWI, Drug Charges, Assault, resisting arrest, theft, fishing violations, Domestic Violence and many others.  

Every year thousands of people flock to the Island of Catalina for fun in the sun, fishing, boating and nature.  The land is part of the State of California and law enforcement is provided by the Los Angeles Sheriff.  Criminal statutes are strictly enforced and many folks are arrested and cited for various infractions, misdemeanors and felony offenses.  Matthew defends all criminal violations originating on the Island and the Surrounding Pacific Ocean.  If you have questions about the next steps, wondering if driving a golf cart while drunk is a real crime, or other concerns such as how you are going to find the time to show up in Court, Matthew can help.

During their stay on the island many visitors will rent a Golf Cart to tour the local attractions such as Descanso Beach or Chimes Tower or Avalon Canyon.  The vendors do little to verify your level of intoxication before renting the cart and you drive off for a fun ride.  Unfortunately, if an accident happens and the LASD show up they might smell alcohol on your breath and administer field sobriety tests, if you fail they will arrest you and take you to the local station for a breath or blood test.  In California if a driver is arrested for driving under the influence they are required to submit to a chemical test to determine the alcohol content of their blood, if the officer suspects drugs such as marijuana he or she can also require a urine or blood test in addition to a breath test.  If you are an out of state resident you may decide to refuse all testing, however that can present separate issues with regard to your driving privileges.

Best DUI Attorney on Catalina Island

If you were arrested for DUI in a Golf Cart in Avalon Attorney Matthew Ruff can help.  Is it illegal to drive a golf cart while under the influence?  Yes, the CA Vehicle Code defines a “vehicle” broadly as any device that is propelled by anything other than human power.  In California it is possible to be charged with drunk driving in a golfcart if you are on a public roadway or a location accessible by the public and are driving when you are a .08 or higher BAC or are under the influence of alcohol or any drug.  Fortunately Matt has 25 years experience defending good people charged with these offenses.  For example, Matt was hired recently by an out of state resident arrested for DWI in Avalon while on vacation.  The client searched online and found that Matthew was a local attorney who defended cases on the island.  She hired Matt and was able to avoid traveling back to California for the arraignment.  Matt also recently represented a client charged with Public Intoxication after he was found in someone’s backyard in Avalon extremely inebriated.  After some wrangling with the DA Matt got the case dismissed so it wouldn’t affect the client’s criminal record.

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The Island of Catalina has its own Court which handles all criminal cases originating on the Island.  However, all Felony cases are transferred to Long Beach Court on the mainland.   Other charges such as Public Intoxication, assault, Domestic Violence, Fish and Game Violations including poaching and lobster offenses and drug related charges are also prosecuted by the local District Attorney in Avalon.  The Island also sees a fair number of boating under the influence cases, sometimes referred to as BUI, Matt has extensive experience fighting these cases.  The Court is part of the Los Angeles Superior Court system.

California Vehicle Code 23152 is the applicable law for driving under the influence, the crime is a misdemeanor.  If injury was involved the offense is 23153, this offense can be either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the severity of the alleged injury.  Matthew Ruff has been successful in many cases to have the charges dropped or reduced if the circumstances warrant such relief.  Most cases involve a breath test and Matt is very knowledgeable in challenging the machine used which is a Datamaster Device.

Jail in Avalon

If you were issued a citation to appear in the Catalina Court the law allows for a private attorney to appear for you, thereby saving needless travel expenses.  Matthew has handled countless cases in the Avalon Court and knows the local DA and Judge that will be Hearing your matter.

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Top Tier Catalina Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff has the experience defending cases in the Avalon Court before Judge Mirich and Deputy District Attorney Karen Brako.  This experience equates to a better result in your case because he knows the individual proclivities and personalities of the decision makers.  For example, in a case involving possession of drugs the lawyer will take a certain approach that has been effective in the past with that kind of case.  In a public intoxication case a distinctly different approach will be taken in order to try an get charges dismissed or dropped.  Hire the law firm that has the 25 years of experience getting results for clients charged with exactly the thing you are facing.

Matthew’s experience handling serious cases recently paid off for a client who hired him on a Felony DUI with Injury case out of Catalina.  The client was from out of state and vacationing in Avalon when an accident occurred with the golf cart, causing the ejection of the passenger on to the street.  A breath test revealed a high BAC above .20.  Matt fought the case, both at the DMV and in Court.  He got the felony charges dropped and beat the case at the DMV license suspension hearing. In another recent case Matt defended a young lady arrested for DWI in a golf cart on the island near downtown.  The client refused to submit to a chemical test and was booked.  Matthew fought the case arguing his client was not driving the vehicle at a time her BAC was at or above the legal limit and was able to get ALL CHARGES DROPPED in June 2022, the best part about it is she never had to come to Court!

 If you or a loved one is facing an upcoming case, call Matt directly at 310-686-1533, in many cases he can appear in Court for you, thereby avoiding expensive travel and time off from work.

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