Sunday, August 31, 2014

Long Beach Expected To Ramp Up DUI Checkpoints This Labor Day

Law enforcement agencies in Long Beach announced their intent to increase the number of sobriety checkpoints over the holiday weekend according to officials.  The city has always taken an active approach in curbing drunk driving through aggressive enforcement of drunk driving laws within its municipal boundaries.

The city is part of the avoid the 100 campaign that enlists the services of over one hundred police departments to encourage officers on patrol to keep a careful lookout for impaired drivers.  According to NHTSA, more people are killed by inebriated drivers than any other cause.  The police will seek to use this final holiday of the summer to deter partygoers from drinking and then driving.

The area has always had the most targeted enforcement of DWI motorists, says one Long Beach DUI Lawyer.  The officers that participate in this campaign will receive special training in spotting the signs of tipsy drivers such as weaving, lane straddling and other vehicle code infractions that are notorious signs of impaired drivers.  The limit for alcohol in California is .08 and that level will be checked by anyone suspected of driving under the influence.

We can also expect to see an increased number of people filling up the jails in Long Beach and that will carry over into a higher number of Court filings for Vehicle Code 23152, according to the attorney.  The punishment for a first offense DUI is up to 6 months in jail, a fine of upwards of  $2000 and completion of an alcohol education program.  In addition to the penalties in criminal court, the DMV can take a drivers license for up to one year and require the installation of an ignition interlock device on any car they drive.

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