Friday, May 7, 2010

DUI Checkpoints This Weekend in The South Bay

The Gardena Police department will conduct a sobriety and driver's license checkpoint from 7 tonight to 4 a.m. Saturday in the eastbound lanes of the 1300 block of Rosecrans Avenue.
Manhattan Beach CA. Law Enforcement will conduct a DUI enforcement patrol from 7 p.m. May 14 to 3 a.m. May 15 to identify and arrest suspected DWI drivers.

Many People Ask, Why publicize stops? California Law at one time required police to publicize notices of sobriety checkpoints, law enforcement agencies continue to do so as a public service. A 1987 California Supreme Court ruling had made advance publication of the checkpoints a requirement. But in December 1993, the court ruled that police were no longer required to provide advance notice when scheduling DUI sobriety checkpoints.

The Court decision said publicity announcing the location is not constitutionally required, but makes the checkpoints more effective. The local paper continues to publish notices of sobriety and driver's license checkpoints as a public service when advised of them by the local police agencies, which believe the notices serve as a deterrent

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