Sunday, September 9, 2012

Santa Monica DUI Lawyer Discusses IID Issues

Under the current state of the law, anyone convicted of a DUI will be required to install an ignition interlock device on all vehicles registered to the address in which they reside.  Yes, that is correct, they must install an IID on all motor vehicles that share the same address that appear on their DMV report.  What this means is that if you live at an apartment that is also rented by others who have vehicles that they have ;linked to that same address and you claim that you do not have a car, you must install an IID in those cars if you wish to maintain a California drivers license.  Does this seem fair?  According to one Santa Monica DUI Attorney it is not and the law should be changed to reflect the current social living arrangements that most people in Los Angeles County must endure.

Indeed, the purpose behind the law is crystal clear, we want those who have shown they cannot drive responsibly to have to install an ignition interlock to be able to prove they can drive without being drunk.  But is it possible that the law goes too far?  Many believe it does and seek to amend the statute.  Will the citizens of California agree, that remains to be seen.  In the mean time the Courts will uphold the will of the state and require the IID in all vehicles.  This will make some persons illegal and the Santa Monica Criminal Lawyer will continue to argue that change must come too afford some semblance of justice.  Meanwhile back at the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the administration will continue to press on and mandate the device.  Time will tell whether the legislature will succumb to the will of those facing the obligatory installation.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arrested For A DUI In California?

California DUI laws are complex but they can be used in your favor.  The law allows only 10 days to demand a formal hearing to contest the DMV license suspension.  Contact a California DUI Lawyer today.

What is The Best Way To Clear a Warrant For A DUI?

Many good people pick up a drunk driving case and just never show up to Court.  There are a variety of legitimate reasons for the failure to appear: Illness, school, a job, too busy, lost their license, you name it.  The best way to straighten out a FTA for a DUI is to hire an attorney who can clear the old case and possible even get the charges dropped, many times without the defendant ever having to appear in Court.  A DUI warrant will hold up your drivers license, it will get you arrested and can prevent student aid such as grants and loans.  Dealing with it in the here and know is the best way to give you peace of mind says one Glendale DUI Attorney.  The law states that a bench warrant for a DWI will never disappear and can lead to bigger problems such as jail time and incarceration.  Getting a case resolved can be painless if you get a lawyer involved from an early start.  Do not let worry, anxiety and stress dominate your life, deal with the problem now and get the case over with and done.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Burbank DUI Attorney Saves Client From Mandatory Jail

If anyone has ever been convicted of a DUI and then subsequently gets arrested and charged with a driving on a suspended license, they should know that the laws in California mandate that they must serve no less than 10 days in jail.  What few people realize though is that there are loopholes in the law that may permit a person accused of such a crime to avoid the jail.  Recently, in one case Burbank DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff was able to get his client a "lesser charge" thereby freeing him from the jail time that would ordinarily be imposed on a charge of Vehicle Code section 14601.2.  Indeed, the California DUI Laws do state that "anyone convicted of driving when their license has been suspended for a DUI, shall be required to serve no less than 10 days in the County Jail".

With that being said, if the charges are reduced down to something less, no jail is required.  In the recent Burbank DUI case mentioned, the defendant walked out of Court and simply was required to pay a fine.  The legal community recognizes that the efforts of competent attorneys will benefit criminal defendants and if the case is not fought than the accused cannot expect anything less than what the state of California dictates.  The lesson learned is that anyone charges with a driving on a suspended license after so being convicted of a DUI should consult with counsel and with any hope can keep themselves out of jail.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do California DUI Laws Get Tougher For Teachers?

The drunk driving laws in CA are designed to apply to all citizens of the state.  The laws do not differentiate between teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses or other professional people.  However, aside from the penal laws that oversee how the criminal courts operate, are the administrative statutes that supervise and regulate how various occupations should conduct themselves, both on and off the job.  For teachers, the laws do regulate what a person can do while not teaching and the type of conduct that may cause that individual to lose his or her teaching credential.  Getting a DUI can and often will trigger an investigation by the state of California as to the person's ability to teach and whether certain off duty activities such as drug or alcohol abuse might affect that job.  In summary, yes a DUI law can impact a teacher if that person is arrested for drunk driving.