Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Over the Influence" commercials send the right message to our youth

Recently, I have seen the new television commercials that espouse abstinence from alcohol and drugs, targeted mainly to young people. These messages need to be played more frequently to buffer then constant onslaught of ads that encourage getting drunk and being under the influence, great work whoever put these together.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Correlation Between DUI and Domestic Violence?

Many social scientists believe that domestic violence goes hand in hand with alcohol consumption and as the economy gets worse alcohol abuse is on the rise. DUI comes into play, according to one Long Beach Domestic Violence Attorney, when the misuse of alcohol becomes intertwined with Domestic Violence. As the situation escalates, often the abuser will find him or herself pushing the limits of societal norms and find themselves drinking and driving which may lead to DUI. The studies are awaiting peer review on this one, stay tuned.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Right to an Independent Test in California

All states require a suspect in a drunk driving case to submit to a chemical test, breath blood or urine. In California if the arrestee chooses a breath test he also has the right to a second independent test of blood or urine in order to save a sample for retesting if he chooses. the test will be at the person's expense and is only permitted when breath is the first test. the rationale is that the breath cannot be saved and therefore if a sample is desired for retesting then a bllod or urine can be requested.

What is Retrograde Extrapolation?

In some cases a person's blood alcohol level may not be high enough to attempt to punish him or her for driving with a proscribed level. In these cases the prosecutor will try an "relate back" the BAC to the time of driving in an effort to show the BAC was higher at the time of drving versus the time the test was administered. Some believe that this is nothing more than an educated guestimate. To do this the DA will use an expert to use various "known" facts and assume the other unknowns. This practice is frowned upon by many DUI scientists yet many Judges will allow the evidence despite crticism by those in the scientific community.