Thursday, November 29, 2012

Torrance DUI Attorney Explains Possible Probation Terms

A person who is charged and later pleads guilty to a DUI in California can be ordered to comply with a variety of probationary terms that can dictate how they must live their life in the future.  Among the many orders are the requirement that the defendant install an ignition interlock on all cars they own, as well as the real possibility that they serve a sentence of jail.

According to one Torrance DUI Attorney, the probation conditions can also include things such as the requirement that the individual attend classes or perform community service.  The best way to avoid the mandatory punishments is to not be convicted of a driving under the influence or a lesser included offense such as a wet reckless.  But, in those instances where a conviction seems imminent, the Court may impose the following consequences:  That the person complete an AB541 program or SB38 DUI school if they have priors.  That the driver not drive for a specific period of time or  that the license be restricted for a length of time up to 3 years.  The person cannot drive at any time with a measurable amount of alcohol in their system.  They cannot drive after consuming any alcoholic beverage for at least  12 hours.  The accused cannot frequent any bars or visit any place where alcohol is the chief item of sale.  The driver cannot refuse to take a chemical test at the request of any peace officer.  The defendant can be required to perform Caltrans or community labor.  The individual must notify the Court of any change of address, pay restitution for damages caused to any property, pay any civil judgment arising out of any incident which occurred from the arrest of the DUI.  The probationer must obey all laws and orders of the Court.  Attend any AA meetings ordered.  pay any fines imposed.

All conditions of probation for a DUI are sanctioned by the possibility of jail time if the person does not comply.