Monday, May 2, 2016

Can I Drive A Company Vehicle During Work Without An IID?

If you were sentenced in Los Angeles County for a first time DUI, a second or third offender chances are you were ordered to install an ignition interlock ,aka. IID, in your car and drive only vehicles equipped with an IID for a minimum period of 5 months.  What if you are required to drive a company vehicle or drive an employers car during work?  The law allows you to drive a work vehicle without an IID as long as certain conditions are met.

If the defendant is required to operate a vehicle owned by the defendant’s employer as part of his or her employment, the defendant may operate the vehicle without the installation of an ignition interlock device, as long as the defendant has notified the employer that his or her driving privilege has been restricted under California Vehicle Code section 23575 and 23700, and has proof of that notification in his or her possession or with the vehicle. Veh C §23576(a). 

It should be noted that this exemption does not apply with respect to a vehicle that is owned by a business entity, which is entirely or partly owned or controlled by the defendant. Veh C §23576(b).