Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Getting an SR-22 For Reinstatement of Your License

In California, before the DMV will reinstate a person’s driving privileges following a DUI the individual must file what is called an SR-22 with the Department.  An SR22 is formal proof that the person has the minimum requirements of insurance coverage required by law.  There are many ways to get the SR22, according to the experts some are better than others.

One way to get an SR22 is to simply call your current carrier and let them know you want them to file it for you.  This approach works fine for folks who were involved in an accident as part of the DUI and therefore their insurance company is already aware of the incident. However, if your insurance company is unaware of the arrest some experts believe it is imprudent to let them know because they may cancel you or increase your premium.  This leads us to another option.

There are many insurance services that exist to find an alternative route for clients to obtain an SR22 in a more affordable manner.  These companies are out there and you can conduct your own research by googling SR22 Providers on the Internet.

Here are some companies that clients have used in the past:

Tony Toscano
Your DUI Solutions 
714-530-3750 FAX 

Edgar Ruelas 
Los Angeles Sales Manager Silver Coast Insurance Services 

Cliff Jones
Fresh Start Insurance Services, Inc.
Anaheim, Calif. 92807
Office-(844) 44-FRESH (37374)
Direct- (657) 220-9317
Mobile-(310) 529-1049

Please be aware that our office does not endorse these companies and we do not receive any kind of referral fees from them.  It is best to talk with as many people in the industry to see what route works for you in your case.