Thursday, July 26, 2018

Things I Can Do To Help My Attorney in My DUI Case

Top DUI Attorney, Matthew Ruff

A DUI arrest can be a very scary experience to say the least.  The night in jail, the trauma of being handcuffed in public and placed in a police car, all of these things can lead to anxiety and stress.  But the worst is over, you’ve hired an attorney who has over 25 years experience fighting and winning drunk driving cases and you can rest easy knowing everything is being handled to protect your rights and ensure a favorable result.

Here are a few things you can do to assist Matthew in preparing for and defending the case, both in Court and at the DMV:

  1. Prepare a brief CONFIDENTIAL statement of the incident.  Since the events are still fresh in your mind you should write out a couple paragraphs about what led to the police contact, include anything you think is important for the attorney to know.  Remember, the police officer wrote a full report detailing the facts as he perceived them, this is your opportunity to prepare your version of the event so the attorney can have that in his file.  The statement can be very informal in the way of an email or electronic format in notes, pages, or whatever app is convenient for you.  Email the statement to while your recollection is still fresh.
  2. Prepare a brief biography of you.  This allows the lawyer to have personal facts about you that allows him to humanize you when talking to the DA or the Court about your case.  Include where you grew up, where you went to school, your work history, and volunteer work you may have done, awards you may have received, etc..  Remember, the DA is only going to see you through the report the police write which is not going to show you in the best light.  Provide some positive background to Matt so he can have that at his fingertips when he is discussing your case.  A Resume or CV could also be provided in lieu of the history.
  3. Let Matt know if you have ANY medical problems such as diabetes, acid reflux, GERD, joint or muscle conditions, recent dental work or any medical procedure on or near the date you were arrested.  Some medical conditions can affect the sobriety tests or chemical test that may have been administered.
  4. Make sure Matthew has all of your contact information and notify him if it changes at any time.  Make sure we can get in touch with you to update out about your case.
  5. Notify Matthew if you receive any correspondence pertaining to the case.  Oftentimes the DMV or Court will send you information directly, so be sure to contact the attorney if you receive any mail or notification relating to the case.
  6. KEEP THE ARREST TO YOURSELF.  The arrest is just an accusation, you've not been convicted or adjudicated guilty.  Therefore, there is no need to tell your insurance company (You may need to notify them of any collision, however the DUI arrest is not something you should volunteer), your employer, or anyone else about the case, unless you have some contractual duty to do so such as a written agreement to notify your employer or some other obligation such as a professional license requirement.
Thank you again for allowing us to represent you in this matter.