Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Travel Equals Higher DUI and Speeding Citations

With the heat rising into the summer months most police agencies report a higher uptick in speeding violations. According to one recent survey of California law enforcement, the average stop for speeding will be a chance for the cop to do a quick sobriety check of the driver. According to Coalinga Speeding Ticket and DUI Attorney , based along the interstate 5 freeway in CA, the most common reason for stopping and arresting a drunk driver is excessive speed. With this bit of knowledge we are advising readers to not drink and drive, if you do decide to have a glass of wine or beer this summer and get behind the wheel of a car, do not speed and be safe!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ignition Interlock For DUI Offenders, The New Paradigm

California may be the first state in the nation that mandates an ignition interlock for all first times DUI offenders. In a new pilot program starting g in July all first offense drunk driving defendants will be ordered to install and maintain an ignition interlock on all motor vehicles as part of their probation in counties such as Los Angeles, Tulare and others. Will this become the norm? Time will tell.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Future of DUI Defense

The laws of California DUI are in a constant state of flux. For example, the MADD lobby has pressed for stiffer punishment of first time offenders by enactin the IID requirement that goes into effect in July 2010. The insurance industry has gone crazy by requiring those that get a DUI to get an SR-22 and jacking up the insurance rates for first time convictions, the Supreme Court has all but eliminated the fourth amendment when it comes to a drunk driving arrest, what is next? we will see!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun, Sun, The Beach and DUI this Summer

With summer comes fun in the sun, drinking and sometimes over consumption of alcohol. No doubt the best advice when indulging is to avoid any driving. Invariably however there will be those that do not heed this advice and get arrested for DUI. One Seal Beach DUI Lawyer offers the following advice if arrested: First do not volunteer any information about the number of drinks you have had, Second, comply with all requests except do not volunteer to do any FST exercises if they are requested, Third, take the breath test not blood and do not agree to submit to the infield PAS unless you are under 21 or your jurisdiction DMV requires it such as if you are on probation. Have fun, do not drink and drive and put on sunblock.