Sunday, September 2, 2012

Burbank DUI Attorney Saves Client From Mandatory Jail

If anyone has ever been convicted of a DUI and then subsequently gets arrested and charged with a driving on a suspended license, they should know that the laws in California mandate that they must serve no less than 10 days in jail.  What few people realize though is that there are loopholes in the law that may permit a person accused of such a crime to avoid the jail.  Recently, in one case Burbank DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff was able to get his client a "lesser charge" thereby freeing him from the jail time that would ordinarily be imposed on a charge of Vehicle Code section 14601.2.  Indeed, the California DUI Laws do state that "anyone convicted of driving when their license has been suspended for a DUI, shall be required to serve no less than 10 days in the County Jail".

With that being said, if the charges are reduced down to something less, no jail is required.  In the recent Burbank DUI case mentioned, the defendant walked out of Court and simply was required to pay a fine.  The legal community recognizes that the efforts of competent attorneys will benefit criminal defendants and if the case is not fought than the accused cannot expect anything less than what the state of California dictates.  The lesson learned is that anyone charges with a driving on a suspended license after so being convicted of a DUI should consult with counsel and with any hope can keep themselves out of jail.

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