Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do California DUI Laws Get Tougher For Teachers?

The drunk driving laws in CA are designed to apply to all citizens of the state.  The laws do not differentiate between teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses or other professional people.  However, aside from the penal laws that oversee how the criminal courts operate, are the administrative statutes that supervise and regulate how various occupations should conduct themselves, both on and off the job.  For teachers, the laws do regulate what a person can do while not teaching and the type of conduct that may cause that individual to lose his or her teaching credential.  Getting a DUI can and often will trigger an investigation by the state of California as to the person's ability to teach and whether certain off duty activities such as drug or alcohol abuse might affect that job.  In summary, yes a DUI law can impact a teacher if that person is arrested for drunk driving.

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