Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hermosa Beach, Is it Time For DUI Diversion

The DUI case load in the South Bay Court, particularly Hermosa Beach is enormous.  Perhaps it is time for the Courts to consider a diversion program for driving under the influence cases. Diversion is a way for a criminal defendant to obtain a dismissal of a case following intensive counseling and rehabilitation.  It is an option only for first time offenders.  The benefit for the Court system and society is that the case is taken out of the system, thereby leaving more room for more serious offenses and recidivists according to one Hermosa Beach DUI Attorney  that defends many drunk driving criminal matters in the local court.   Many critics argue that this type of resolution does not set enough of an example to those contemplating committiong a similar crime.  However, the extensive punishment component would be enough to deter future offenders many believe.  The prosecutors and Judges will need to take all arguments into account before implimenting this program.


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