Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was arrested for DUI in Manhattan Beach, why does the police report say El Segundo?

No where is DUI enforcement as strong as in the South Bay of Los Angeles County.  Among the predominant police agencies involved in this enforcement is the El Segundo police department, not surprisingly then it is common for these drunk driving patrols to encroach and sometimes even go into neighboring cities.  Such is the case with these two law enforcement agencies according to one Manhattan Beach DUI Attorney who handles upwards of 100 cases a year in the area.  The two police forces will work together in many investigations since the towns neighbor one another.

Another reason why you will often see the two departments names on each others arrest reports is because they both participate in what is called the "South Bay DUI Task Force" which is an inter agency unit that is tasked with one job: to catch drunk drivers.  Indeed, when the task force is in full swing, it is not unusual to see cops from both forces driving around with each other says a El Segundo DUI Attorney .  The law does allow for one cop to cross over into  a different city to make an arrest for DUI, that is well settled says the lawyer.  The fact is it is impossible to not cross over sometimes when there may be 5 cities in a 10 mile radius.

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