Saturday, February 18, 2012

Starting in 2012, DMV Can Revoke a License for 10 Years on 3rd DUI

New legislation has authorized the California DMV to revoke a drivers license for 10 years upon a 3rd DUI conviction.  The new law authorizes a Judge to order the revocation in appropriate circumstances, but the revocation will not be automatic.  If the Court does not make the order, the DMV will not take action.  Currently, the revocation is for 3 years, which will be the default period unless the Court makes any additional orders.  If the revocation is imposed , after 5 years the licensee can apply for an early restriction with IID and proof of completion of a DUI school.  California is not the first state to impose such a harsh penalty.  Those facing a third DUI should consult a lawyer to familiarize themselves with other penalties and California DUI laws in general.

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