Friday, April 27, 2012

What Are the Exceptions to the IID Requirement in California?

The DUI laws in Los Angeles California require the installation of an ignition interlock on all vehicles owned by a person convicted of a DUI.  The question is often asked, how do you I get around this requirement?  There is a possible exemption from compliance with this pilot program if within 30 days of the notification of the IID requirement, the person certifies to the department all of the following:

• The person does not own a vehicle.
• The person does not have access to a vehicle at his or her residence.
• The person no longer has access to the vehicle being driven by the person at the time of arrest for a violation that subsequently resulted in a conviction for a violation of VC §23152 or VC §23153.
• The person acknowledges that he or she is only allowed to drive a vehicle that is fitted with a functioning ignition interlock device.
• The person acknowledges that he or she is required to have a valid driver license before he or she can drive.
• The person is subject to the requirements of this section

When he or she purchases or has access to a vehicle. Installation of an IID device on car(s) does not allow the person to drive without a valid driver license. For the purposes of this pilot program, vehicle does not include a motorcycle until the state certifi es an IID that can be installed on a motorcycle. Further, a person subject to an IID restriction shall not operate a motorcycle for the duration of the IID restriction period.

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