Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22  is an official document sent to the California DMV proving that you carry the minimum amounts of liability insurance coverage as required by state law.  Well, you may ask I have the card that is sent to me by my insurance company, why will this not suffice?  No.  The state requires that something more official is required for those who have been ordered to file proof of an SR-22.  The certificate generally lasts for 3 years and must be renewed every year.

Typical kinds of reasons that would necessitate an SR-22 filing would be if someone is convicted of a DUI in Court.  Another reason would be if the driver gets an administrative suspension through the DMV for zero tolerance under age 21 or Admin per se, over .08 BAC or higher or VC 13353.2 proceedings.  These types of actions will usually all require that the individual file and maintain an SR-22 document.

Other kinds of cases include when a person is in a motor vehicle accident and does not have insurance.  The license would be suspended and in order to get the privilege reinstated the person would need to file an SR-22 with the California DMV.

Once the requirement is in place the person must maintain the proof.  If, for any reason, the company fails to keep the certificate current with the state then the driver would receive a notice of suspension that would immediately result in a revocation of the license to drive.

All state but a few have the SR-22 laws and it will be a short time before all states will have similar requirements.

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