Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Will It Help If I Got A DUI In California But I Am Now In Rehab?

Any criminal offense in California is treated very seriously and if you are convicted the judge can sentence you in accordance with the established law in the area.  Among the laws that a judge can consider is whether the individual has accepted responsibility for the crime.  One way of demonstrating that a defendant has done so is to get treatment for any drug or alcohol problem that may have precipitated the offense.  The fact that an accused has admitted themselves into a rehabilitation facility can be considered as a factor in mitigation of the criminal offense.

DUI charges in general often imply that a person may be abusing alcohol or drugs and the fact that they have subsequently obtained professional help is always viewed favorably by a Court.  Drug or alcohol treatment programs can write a letter which can be submitted to the judge at the time of sentencing and the laws in California mandate that a judge consider said evidence prior to the handing down of any punishment.


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