Saturday, June 16, 2012

Would a DUI Disqualify a Person Under Obama's Immigration Order?

Recently the president ordered that no person will be deported from this country if they were brought here as children of an illegal alien.  The executive order has been widely applauded by most immigration groups.  But what if the immigrant has a DUI in the United States, would they be excluded from the new policy?  The short answer to that question appears to be no.  At this time the administration seems to have excluded most misdemeanors from the exclusion list that would cause a young person to still be deported.  Therefore it seems that at this time a DUI in California would not exclude you from Obama's executive order.

Many people also have concerns about crimes that were committed when they were minors, such as drunk driving and other alcohol related offenses and cases such as shoplifting or petty theft.  The good news is that pursuant to California law, any juvenile offense, that is one that occurred when your were under 18, cannot be used against you as a conviction.  So, in these cases the Obama immigration order would not even kick in to affect you in any way.


  1. I had a dui and was a minor would that diqualify me

  2. I had a dui and was a minor would that diqualify me