Saturday, July 28, 2012

How Long Can The California DMV Take My License For a DUI?

All punishments for DUI involving a person's drivers license are handled through the DMV.  There is a range of consequences that apply to drunk drivers within the state, here is an overview:  For a 1st time offender who takes a test and is over 21 the maximum term of suspension is 6 months, but this is how that breaks down.  The APS suspension part is a max of 4 months but only a 30 day "hard" suspension because you can get a restricted license for work after a month.  the Court suspension if you are convicted for the VC23152 (DUI) or VC23152b (Driving with .08 or more) is a max of six months, this is where that number comes in.

For second time offenders the California DUI Laws come down much stiffer.  The max suspension is 2 years, however, if you get an IID in your car and the offense did not involve drugs, than you can get a license back after 90 days of hard time.  the law gets tougher for third or more offenders since the new DWI laws allow for a judge to revoke a license for up to 10 years.  Commercial drivers face a tough time as well with most CDL licenses being confiscated for a minimum of one year.  California is hard on driving under the influence cases, so be careful when drinking and driving within the state.

The good news, if there is any, is that every person who is facing a loss of license in California can and will get a full fledged hearing to contest the suspension or revocation.  Most attorneys who practice in DMV defense can help you do everything possible to save your precious driving privilege.

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