Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Problem of Passive Inhalation of Marijuana

In California it is now legal to ingest marijuana if you have a medical condition warranting its use.  Many folks are using pot in social settings, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc.  Is it possible to be near someone smoking pot and have it enter your system through second hand smoke?  Some say yes and it could show up in a urine test that police take in DUI cases.

The amount of THC which the passive inhaler might absorb depends on several factors.  Not only the size of the room where the marijuana is smoked important but o is the number of joints smoked and the hours exposed to that smoke.  It is possible that a person exposed to passive inhalation in a room with 4 cigarettes smoked could result in that person showing positive for marijuana in a DUI urine test.

In one study, scientists revealed that volunteers subjected to marijuana smoke in a room could show positive results on a test for THC.  The experts all agree mor studies need to be done to see if this is a problem in common everyday scenarios where innocent people could be wrongfully accused of smoking pot when they have not done so.   The consequences could be dire, not only for those charged with DWI in a criminal context but also within the realm of employee drug tests and the like.

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