Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking For a DUI Attorney in Los Angeles? Watch Out For The Traps

For those consumers that are searching for a DUI Attorney in Los Angeles the choices that are displayed on the search engines can seem overwhelming.  What you need to understand is the difference between the organic search results and the sponsored listings that are generated by lawyers that pay to have their names posted above what google thinks are the most relevant results for the query.  For example, if your type in a search for DUI lawyer the results will display at least 3 listings that are at the very top of the screen.  These are the posts that the attorneys pay for, you must scroll down and see the listings below these sponsored results.  It is these results that are the most probative for the search.  Do not get trapped into the belief that the tops spots mean the best attorneys, the bottom line is that the top three posts are bought and paid for and are not typically the most local or the best experienced DUI attorneys that are in the area.

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