Monday, May 28, 2012

Son or Daughter Arrested for DUI?

It can be a parent's worst nightmare, their son or daughter is arrested for DUI.  What do you do?  According to most lawyers, the best thing to do is advise your child to say as little as possible.  If your child calls you in the middle of the night and says they have been arrested for drunk driving, tell them to tell the police they want a parent or attorney present as soon as possible and before they answer any questions pertaining to the arrest.  there is one caveat to this, that is as it relates to the requirement under California law to submit to a breath or blood test.  There is no requirement that the police officer let the young person speak to anyone, doctor, attorney, parent etc. before deciding if they will take a test or which test they will submit to.  Keep this is mind when speaking to the person.  bad advice can lead to a long license suspension or worse.

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  1. Insurance is high enough for young people already what does a Dui add to the expense?