Sunday, July 28, 2013

New DUI Laws. What's Ahead For California?

Mandatory jail for first offenders?  Lifetime revocation of you license for any second DUI offense?  10 year mandatory IID for all convicted drunk divers?  These are all being considered by the current lawmakers in the great state of California.  While these draconian measures may seem far fetched, they are on the wish list for many groups advocating for stiffer sentences and punishments for all drunk drivers in this part of the country where drinking and driving is still not regarded as a serious crime.

Currently, the state senate has many bills brought and written by MADD that all mandate that any DUI remain on the driver's DMV record for life.  This means that insurance companies will see the conviction and punish the defendant for all his life.  The bills are winding their way through the legislative process with few groups opposing them with the exception of California DUI Attorneys and some civil liberty groups.  In 2014 we will certainly see some change, it remains to be seen how far the state will go.

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