Saturday, January 16, 2010

New California Law Allows for Restricted License for Second Time DUI Offenders

The California Legislature has enacted a new law that offers shortened license suspension and revocation periods for certain repeat DUI offenders who meet specific criteria.For example, a person convicted of their second drunk driving offense in California, within 10 years of the first one, may become eligible to apply for a restricted driving license after completing the first 90 days of a two year license suspension period.

Under the prior version of the law, the DUI Offender would have to wait for 12 months before applying for the restricted license.To qualify for the restricted California driver license, CA drivers must provide:-Either proof of enrollment or partial completion of a 18 or 30 month certified DUI program-Proof of financial responsibility (i.e. proof of SR 22 insurance)-Installation and maintenance of an ignition interlock device-Payment for any applicable DMV fees, including reinstatement, reissue and restriction fees.

The amount of time persons convicted of DUI must wait before becoming eligible to apply for the restricted license and the criteria for obtaining the license vary based on the type of DUI offense, the number of previous convictions and whether the offense included alcohol, drugs or a combination of both.

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