Sunday, November 24, 2013

DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff Offers Free Representation For Veterans

Coming back from the war has been hard for our brothers and sisters.  The government sent innocent humans into crazy places in the middle east, Iraq, Afghanistan, other places far far away that none of us can understand why we were there and who we were there to fight.  The people in the middle were our soldiers that undertook the mission and came back scarred and forever emotionally damaged.  They came back with demons in their soul that were acquired in the battlefield that was not like anything they were trained for.  Many were forever scarred by the things they saw and heard.  They came back looking for ways to numb themselves from the pain they endured and that has carried over to their everyday lives.  Drinking too much and using drugs in order to get through the day became the norm.  As a result, they may have been arrested for DUI, for public intoxication or any other manner of crimes that stem from a person trying to escape the demons in their lives.

For those soldiers that have been injected into the criminal justice system and face a case in the Courts Attorney Matthew Ruff is offering help.  He is accepting cases that veterans have picked up and do not know what to do.  In one recent case he defended a veteran that was charged with his third DUI and was looking at mandatory jail.  Matthew worked out a no jail disposition that allowed the client to get help and treatment. 

Call Matthew Ruff at 310-527-4100 if you or someone you know that served time in the armed forces and now needs help in a criminal case in California.

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