Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Officer Instructions For Blood Collection In Kern County DUI Cases

Officer's Instructions:
Obtain a Kern Regional Crime Laboratory Blood Collection Kit used for DUI cases. The laboratory provides these kits for pickup Monday – Friday, from 8 am - 5 pm. Please note: it is important to obtain blood specimens as soon as possible after the alleged offense. Please do not take parts from another kit due to kit expiration dates and lot numbers.
Remove all of the contents of the kit and set aside the evidence tape.
Contents of the kit include:

1. White cardboard box
2. Plastic box
3. 2 Vacutainer1 tubes inside plastic holders
4. Sterile syringe
5. 2 tube labels
6. Povidone-iodine prep pad
7. 5 pieces of evidence tape
8. Biohazard bag with absorbent pad

Once the contents of the kit are removed, please complete the following:

a. Accurately and neatly complete the two tubelabels for each blood tube
b. Accurately and neatly complete the label adhered to the top of the clear plastic box (blood collection report and chain of custody).
c. Accurately and neatly complete the label adhered to the bottom of the white cardboard box (request for analysis).

Take note of the white powder in the clear glass Vacutainer tubes. Please ensure that both tubes contain the white powder. Give the technician performing the blood draw the clear plastic box with 2 Vacutainer tubes and sterile needle. Witness the withdrawal of the blood samples by the DUI suspect - do not allow the blood tubes out of your observation at any time.

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