Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are You On The DUI "Hot List" In California?

Unbeknownst to many, there is a list floating around out there that many people do not know about.   The California DMV has partnered with 35 law enforcement agencies across the state in an effort to keep suspended drivers with prior DUI convictions off the road.
The 'Hot List' program aims to keep the worst drivers off the road when it comes to driving under the influence. The DMV will provide agencies with lists of the driver license numbers of suspended or revoked multipled DUI offenders in their jurisdictions who will then create a list for their officers of the individuals most likely to re-offend.
The list will help law enforcement agencies to enforce DMV's licensing actions to reduce incidents involving suspended or revoked multiple DUI offenders. DMV Director Jean Shiomoto says that research shows 75% of drivers who are convicted of DUI continue to drive despite being suspended or revoked.
'Hot List' was launched in 2011 as a pilot program with 15 participating agencies. The California Department of Motor Vehicles and Office of Traffic Safety are now working to expand the program to include up to 50 law enforcement agencies across the state.
The "list" has many DUI attorneys alarmed.  The fear is that cops will target, stop and detain occupants of vehicles registered to these "hot list" subjects even if there is no proof they are driving.  The CHP and other law enforcement agencies involved have not commented.  

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