Thursday, January 8, 2015

DMV Re-issue fees relating to DUI in California

California loves to charge fees.  There are a litany of fees pertaining to a DUI in Torrance and anywhere else in the state.  Here are a breakdown of the most common types of fees related to a DMV issue in drunk driving cases

Fees for a Suspended License in CA

There are many fees, fines, and costs associated with a driver’s license suspension in California:
  • APS reissue fee (under 21 years old): $100.
  • APS reissue fee (21 years old and older): $125, required if the DMV upheld the administrative per se suspension after a hearing.
  • DUI reissue fee: $55 (this fee is required if you are convicted of VC23152 in criminal Court)
  • DUI 2nd offense:
    • Add court restriction fee: $15.
    • Remove court restriction fee: $20.
  • Financial responsibility if you violate the rules by failing to maintain an SR-22:
    • Penalty fee: $250.
    • Reissue fee: $55.

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